On December 13, BDO Solutions held a conference for construction, installation and development companies. At the conference, the automation of business processes by Bidio Solutions in SAP Business One, an ERP system tailored to the specifics of the construction industry, was discussed.

Bidio Solutions has created a construction module for SAP Business One, which makes this ERP system perfectly suited to the needs of the construction and development industry.

The event was attended by top managers of around 60 construction industry companies.

The conference was opened by the representative of SAP, and then Givi Dzamashvili, Bidio's partner, discussed the business processes of construction, assembly and development companies one by one and showed the guests of the event their software solutions in the construction module of SAP Business One.

DUX Development implemented SAP Business One in 2018 in cooperation with Vidyo. At the conference, the director of the company, Irakli Lomidze, spoke about the benefits achieved by the implementation of SAP Business One and shared his own experience with the audience about the automation of processes:

"For me, as a manager, it is much easier to control the processes. The program allows us to easily make multi-level cost estimates, to see the danger of overspending in time and to react instantly. Viewing the deviations from the planned budget and comparing it with the plan at every stage helps us to analyze what is costing us the project and to plan the project budget more correctly in the future. In addition, all critical operations are included in the validation process. We have structured the verification policy so that purchases are controlled based on actual purchases and expenditures, which eliminates unauthorized purchases. In the program, we effectively encourage project management, and the CRM module helps us to effectively communicate with clients. The video team was involved in the project with great enthusiasm. I think we have succeeded in a successful project and we will continue cooperation with other holding companies as well," says Irakli Lomidze.

Bidio Solutions is a leading software company in the B2B market of Georgia, which is the largest partner of SAP and 1C in Georgia - with 14 years of experience and more than 80 professional employees. Bidio Solutions has already implemented SAP Business One with the construction module in 7 organizations.