Who we are

Dux Development is the subsidiary of the Azeri Investment Company - ORI Group. Our company is based on the experience of partners who have successfully implemented multiple development projects in the territory of Azerbaijan since 2007.

The mission of Dux Development is to implement development projects across the country and establish new standards in the field of construction, based on the requirements of the client and investor. 

Over the years, Dux Development has established partnerships with the companies representing leading European brands in the field of construction materials. In order to meet the rights standards and achieve the top quality, the Company employees are regularly trained and introduced to the new trends in the field.

In XXI century, state of the art construction is nearly a standard. Therefore, design has become the top priority in the construction industry across the world. Our architects and designers share the contemporary architectural visions and design concepts and regularly attend the international expos.

about-company-orcOUR OFFERS 

In Georgia, development of the construction business and a tough competition of the recent years, have given rise to the housing buyers’ new requirements and priorities. Dux Development offers its customers the best possible projects in terms of architecture, construction, infrastructure, state of the art technology and top quality materials.

At each stage, the Company draws up and has the conformity declaration certified, which is posted on its web-site to be universally accessible.

Video footage of the construction is freely available.

Post-construction supervision. The service name: “Superintendent Service”.