DUX Development has started a New Year promotion that will last until December 31.
The New Year's gift promotion applies to all apartments of our two completed projects:

Saburtalo - I. Gamrekeli #19
Ortachala - V. Gorgasli #75a

If you buy an apartment with a single payment before December 31, the company offers you to choose the gift you want:

get a discount on the price per square meter;
Donate half of the balconies in the apartment;
Donate one balcony completely;
For example, if you like i. A 73.1 square meter apartment (https://dux.ge/ka/flat/610/) in a building located in Gamrekeli #19 costs $849 per square meter if you buy this apartment before December 31:

If you choose a discount, the price per square meter will be $773 or
Instead of the full cost of 18.4 square meter balconies, you will pay only the cost of 9.2 square meters or
You will receive a 7 square meter balcony as a gift
Contact our sales office at 322 121 160 and receive your New Year's gift from DUX Development.