Located on the northern wall of the Trialeti ridge, Bakuriani township is built at 1700 meters above sea level, where the cold, long and snowy winter lasts from the beginning of December to the end of March.
The slopes of Bakuriani covered with coniferous forest are both pleasant to look at and fill the body with healthy air, which is why it is also considered a balneological health resort.

Development of Bakuriani as a mountain-ski resort began in 1932 and continues to this day. If the first ski track on the Kokhtagori mountain was 1.3 km long, today the Kokhta cable car, the famous 25-year-old (a favorite place for beginner skiers), the Tatra cable car and Didveli - 16 km long with 8 ski tracks designed for all types of skiers and snowboarders.

Bakuriani resort offers vacationers a lot of hiking trails on horseback or backpacking in the summer, as well as a 29-kilometer bicycle trail, tobogganing - especially for extreme lovers, and fresh, healthy air for children and not only.

Bakuriani is preparing for 2023, the resort is expected to host the Ski and Snowboard Freestyle World Championships, where 25 medals will be played.

There is also a prospect of holding the 2030 Winter Olympic Games in Georgia, the Georgian government has already applied for participation. (See the video presented to the International Olympic Committee).

Bakuriani is attracting more and more attention in the international market.