If you have bought a new apartment and are in the process of renovating it or you want to refresh it a bit, I recommend you to consider the following tips used by famous interior designers. Sometimes even small details can make a big impact. It could be the addition of a mirror, paint color, light fixture, or even a plant. Read our tips and maybe you will find something interesting for your new apartment

How to make a small room look great
Any room will appear larger if it has large windows, which is what we at Dux Development always take into account and we offer stained glass doors and windows to our customers. If the wall color is bright and you use mirrors in the interior, which on the one hand reflect light and on the other hand create the illusion of space, the space of any room where you follow these tips will appear much larger than it is.

Use decorative mirrors
Mirrors bring space to the room. In addition, in large rooms with limited natural light, mirrors are hung on the opposite side of the window to bring in more light. Filling empty walls with mirrors of different sizes, in addition to creating the illusion of space, can also bring additional light into the interior.

Mix it up: mix textures, old and new, expensive and cheap
Nothing would go wrong if you put your grandmother's antique desk next to a modern armchair in your newly renovated apartment. The best interior designers will agree that the most important thing when arranging an apartment is that the interior reflects you. Old things have their history, which becomes a part of your present, and newly bought things convey your current situation, both old and new create a common beautiful story in the interior. As for the texture, the more diverse it is, the more warmth and individuality it brings to the interior.

Wear something more comfortable
Using curtains can do wonders for your room. Very easily and quickly change the interior with different colored pillowcases. With a cheap and convenient change, you can bring quite a lot of refreshments to the interior.

woven baskets
Wicker baskets are a stylish and economical way to increase the amount of storage space in your apartment. You can use it to store books, baby toys, blankets or towels. It is also the best solution for fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

Use what you already have to decorate
We all have small things, probably packed away in boxes or locked away in drawers. A new home needs jewelry, so instead of running to the store, take a good look at what you already have. Old suitcases, books and pumps can add different dimensions to the interior, and you can place chandeliers,
and picture frames on top. It is possible to make unusual wall decorations from beautiful plates. Cut out beautiful pages from children's books and frame them to hang in the child's room or bathroom. You'd be surprised how much can be done with things you already have.

Hanging pots in the kitchen
Kitchens should be warm and friendly. We spend a lot of time in this room when preparing food or entertaining. A hanging shelf is both stylish and functional. The kitchen is a room where there should be a sense of fuzziness, and the hanging pot rack creates that feeling. In addition, it looks very nice, if it has another shelf to put glasses, that's the best. No housewife needs too much storage space in the kitchen.

Add greenery to your living space, in every room, big or small, leafy or small. Plants are inexpensive, the best decoration for your home, with the best texture and color. They bring not only beauty but also air and mood. They can reduce pollution in the air. No house should exist without house plants.

Bringing in an instant and effective color energizes a room. It's surprising how much such a small and insignificant change can transform your living room. The shelves are usually simple and beautiful if there is a bright color between the shelves. A cheap and easy way to change the interior of an existing room. Changing the bookshelves is an ideal start, as it does not need to take up a lot of space.

Carpets and rugs
Designers refer to carpets as the masters of adding warmth, color, texture and personality to the interior. It is the best solution to refresh the wooden floor.