Ortachala Apartment

The residencial house is located at #75  V. Gorgasali str. - one of the quiet and ecologically clean environmen in Tbilisi. This location provides comfort to residents, they live in the city center (4,5 km from the Freedom Square) and at the same time enjoy the views of old Tbilisi and brethe clean air. There will be only 25 apartments in the building, which is a guarantee of cozy and friendly neighborhood.

The project consists of 8 floors, the first 2 floors are for commercial or office spaces, 3rd, 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th - floors are designed as residencial apartments,  -1 floor is the parking zone. The project is going to have 2 elevators, one for the residents, the other for the commercial zone. 
  • 30 apartments;
  • 14 parkings;
  • 1044 mcommercial zone;
The architectural solution of the project gives us the opportunity to create bright and cozy appartments. The high quality building materials used during the construction process are the guarante of reliable investment.

The project will be finished in December 2018.

Payment Terms

Upon completion of the project, the internal interest-free installment is applicable.

The price of the m2 starts from 1718 GEL.

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Live camera

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