"Dux Development" will present the innovative project "LANDMARK BAKURIANI" at Area Expo 2020
Preparations for Area Expo 2020 - a large-scale real estate exhibition - sale are in an active phase. Development companies are preparing to meet apartment seekers and are working on a special offer. We present to you one of the participants of the event, the development company DUX Development.

Introduce the company Duxi Development, what makes you stand out in the market??
- "Dux Development is a subsidiary of the Azerbaijani investment group - ORI Group. The company is based on the experience of partners who have been successfully implementing various development projects in the territory of Azerbaijan since 2007 , and made the first investment in Georgia in 2015.
Dux Development's mission is to implement development projects across the country and establish standards for investor and client satisfaction in the field of construction. At this stage, the company has 3 completed and 5 ongoing projects.
Over the years, Dux Development has acquired reliable partners representing leading European brands in the building materials industry. Employees systematically undergo training and learn about the latest news to achieve the correct standards and high quality.
Dux Development offers customers the best construction projects, from the architectural, structural and infrastructural point of view, made with the latest technologies and the highest quality materials.
- As far as we know, "Duxi Development" actively participates in international exhibitions, this year the company is a participant in Area Expo 2020. Please share your experience and expectations for this year's event.

- Real estate exhibitions are a unique space for development companies, where the company communicates directly with both potential customers and investors. Last year, our company was presented at the largest MIPIM real estate exhibition in Cannes with the innovative project "Landmark Bakuriani", which aroused great interest among foreign investors. That is why our company always uses this opportunity to present itself at real estate exhibitions both within the country and abroad.
As for Area Expo 2020, we have the same expectation that there will be mutually successful and interesting communication both with our potential residents and in the direction of business development.

At Area Expo 2020, participants will present special offers to customers interested in purchasing real estate. What projects will Dux company present and what offers do have for customers, if you disclose in advance, of course?

- At Area Expo 2020, we will present the project "Landmark Bakuriani". This is a world-class innovative project in a mountain ski resort, which involves hotel apartments, on the roof of which there will be a skating track, where customers can ski in all four seasons of the year.

A skating track on the roof of the complex allows residents and vacationers to slide their children without leaving the area, while they themselves can enjoy the best views from the terrace bar.
An international company will take over the management of hotel-type apartments in the complex. Suite and junior suite apartments are planned in the project. With the apartment management and rental service, the customer is allowed to turn the investment into a source of income.

Landmark Bakuriani is located 600 meters from the Didveli ski track, which provides great comfort for experienced skiers and snowboarders.
Within the framework of the exhibition, we will make a special offer on this project, so we encourage those interested in "Landmark Bakuriani" not to miss Area Expo 2020.
Area Expo 2020 - large-scale real estate exhibition-sale will be held at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metekhi Palace on April 4-5. Attendance is free for anyone. To receive an individual offer, visitors can pre-register on the website www.areaexpo.ge (link me online), and specify their requirements to receive the offers of the participating companies in advance.