On March 21, the marketing manager of Dux Development, Gvantsa Fanchulidze, visited Lika Kardava in the Business Morning program. The main topic of the program was Dux's visit to MIPIM, the world's leading annual real estate exhibition.

At the 30th anniversary exhibition of MIPIM, Dux Development presented its innovative project Landmark Bakuriani. Landmark Bakuriani - a skating rink on the roof of the complex, which allows skating lovers to skate in all 4 seasons.

Gvantsa Fanchulidze noted that no one passed by Landmark Bakuriani's stand without attention and surprise, despite the fact that it competed with the large-scale exhibition corners of the development plans of London, Istanbul, Berlin, Brussels and Dubai with a small standard stand. Both investors and international hotel brands were interested in the project, company representatives met with representatives of "Akor" and "Hilton". "Investors are attracted not only by the concept, but also by the 10% returns from investments, this figure is quite high compared to 2-3% in Europe," Gvantsa said.

Landmark Bakuriani's project also attracted the attention of the international media, it was included in the list of the 5 craziest projects of the local French publication NICE Matine.

Gvantsa also spoke about Dux Development's visit to the Neveplast factory in Italy. It is Neveplast that produces 4-season skating tracks and is working on the functional maintenance of the Landmark Bakuriani skating track.

Neveplast has such modeled tracks that during the company's visit, schoolchildren from Bergamo also learned to skate on the track.

The representatives of the company tested themselves the skating on the track, and as Gvantsa said, the feeling of skating on the special surface does not differ at all from the snowy surface. The risk of scratching the surface of the ski is also minimized.

And from 2020, anyone who wishes will be able to slide on the roof at any time of the year.