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Office on Tovstonogov Street

The project is designed for commercial purpose and is located at N3, Tovstonogov Street (adjacent to D. Agmashenebeli Avenue).

The main advantage of the project is the location, the center of the city, crowded and touristically active district which may become a certain guarantee of your successful future business.

The project consists of 6 floors 6 and each floor consists of 500 sq. m. office premises.

The first floor is dedicated to the parking lot.

The quality of construction is always defined by the high quality of construction materials, which is a guarantee of reliable investment. 

Characteristics of the project: 

  • The façade is finished with natural stone;
  • Monolithic works are performed using HEIDELBERG concrete;
  • The façade perimeter is built with BEDEGI insulation block which ensures sound insulation and energy efficiency;
  • The internal walls are built with BEDEGI insulation block which ensures coziness;
  • Façade works are performed using the highest quality CAPAROL decorative plaster;
  • The façade is painted with a paint produced in Germany;
  • Metal plastic doors and windows;
  • The project finalization date: December, 2021.
The project is funded by TBC Bank.

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