House on Dadiani Street

The project is located at N5, CHkondideli Street, within 100 meters from Nadzaladevi subway station. One of the advantages of the projects is the location. The surrounding schools, kindergartens, squares and shops create additional comfort to our residents.

The project consists of 4 floors. The first floor is intended for location of commercial premises and the remaining 3 floors will be occupied by residential apartments. 4 apartments are located on each floor. The contemporary architectural solution allowed us to divide the floors into minimum areas (areas of apartments start from 33 m2). We also offer individual layouts for the customers.

The quality of construction is always defined by the high quality of construction materials, which is a guarantee of reliable investment. 

The project is funded by TBC Bank.

Payment options

  • Internal installment till the end of the project
  • Discounts in case of paying total amount
  • Mortgage is formed with TBC Bank
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