On February 22, Dux Development founder Irakli Lomidze and marketing manager Gvantsa Fanchulidze visited Lika Kardava's Business Morning program. In the middle of the program, they talked about the development and achievements of the company since its establishment, as well as discussed the current innovative project Landmark Bakuriani. The concept of Landmark Bakuriani involves a skating rink on the roof of the complex, which allows residents to skate in all 4 seasons.

The program focused on the innovativeness of the project. It will be interesting for everyone if we add that there is no similar project either in Georgia or Transcaucasia, and there are only five projects with a similar concept in the world, of which the only one is implemented today - Copenhagen Hill in Copenhagen.

As Mr. Irakli said, Dux Development has the experience of working on a similar project, because the Hook company, with which you know it cooperates and which represents its subsidiary, has implemented the above-mentioned project - Copenhagen Hill in Copenhagen.

An important part of the program was a live broadcast from Bakuriani and a demonstration of the construction of Landmark Bakuriani. Viewers of the program had the opportunity to visually perceive the project plan and get information about the services and offers of Landmark Bakuriani. Architects of Dux Development's partner company Sebo-Dito also spoke about project planning. In fact, they provided us with detailed information on how the idea of Landmark Bakuriani was developing until today.

At the end of the program, the marketing manager of Dux Development, Gvantsa Fanchulidze, focused on the advantages, ski track, skating gym, 5-star service and flexible payment schedule.