The famous architectural buildings of the world are visited by millions of visitors every year. They often fly from one end of the earth to the other for an amazing sight, they want to experience the pleasure of seeing. The reason for this is mainly the interesting stories that the buildings carry.

Everyone has their favorite building that they aspire to see, some pay for this desire, and others just enjoy the photos. It is worth noting the fact that famous architectural buildings have become a source of inspiration for many creative people.

If you still haven't found your favorite building, here are some of them.

Given the recent events, it's probably no surprise that Notre Dame, Paris is first on our list. Do you know how the name is translated into Georgian?

It translates as "Lady of Paris", I think it's a great name, what do you think?

The fire that broke out in the cathedral was a great tragedy not only for France but for the whole world because we can consider Notre Dame as a historical treasure of the whole world.

The construction of the cathedral started in 1160 and lasted exactly 1 century. Since then, it has been reconstructed many times.

The Gothic-style cathedral is the site of the coronation of Napoleon I, and
the burial of many republican presidents. It stood proudly even when it was brutally looted and destroyed during the French Revolution. Nevertheless, we probably won't be offended if we say that it became especially attractive to see after the publication of Victor Hugo's novel Notre Dame de Paris. Since then, visitors have not stopped visiting. Everyone is interested in the place where Quasimodo was secretly raised by deacon Claude Frollo, while the most beautiful Esmeralda waved her black hair like a raven.