The project is located in the old and, at the same time, the central area of ​​the city, on the street. Tsinamdzgvrishvili N 113, 500 meters from the Marjanishvili metro station.

One of the advantages of the project is its location. Schools, kindergartens, public gardens and shops located around the area will create additional comfort for our residents.

The project is 6-storey, on the 1st floor there is a closed parking, the 1st floor is intended for commercial premises, and on the other 3 floors there are residential apartments. There are 7 apartments on each floor.

The modern architectural solution gave us the opportunity to divide the floors into minimal areas (the squareness of apartments starts from 32 m2.). We also offer customers an individual layout. It is noteworthy that the project does not violate the view of the city and this particular area, and for the same reason it respects the existing number of storeys in this area.

The quality of construction always determines the high quality of materials, which in turn is a guarantee of a reliable investment.

The project is funded by TBC Bank.


Условия оплаты

  • Внутренняя рассрочка  до завершения проек
  • Действует скидка на единую оплату
  • Ипотека формируется с банком  TBC
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